After 30 years of using only new wood we have broadened the horizons of the world's forests to included recycling in our daily operations. We now recycle pallets, skids, and crates, from industrial manufactures and lumber from construction and demolitions sites that were once all going to land fills or being ground up, this gives the trees another chance to grow.

In March of 2006 we have purchased machinery to disassemble pallets, skids, and crates. This machinery gives us a high return on recycled material, compared to the old method of a hammer and crow bar. In order to reduce the landfills usage and keep lumber costs down all industries should recycle there wood products. We offer a variety of methods to help any wood waste problem. Call us and see. Remember it is cheaper to recycle then to throw it away.

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Atlas Wood Products is conveniently located in Philadelphia, PA.

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