Lumber and Quality Stamp Certification


  • Heat treated lumber
  • Industrial lumber and blocking
  • Lumber cut to length
  • Special notching, saddles, wedges, etc. available for order.
  • Small and large bandsaw special cutting available.
  • Painting, stenciling, numbering, etc. availabe.

Quality Stamp Certification

  • Export Certification and H.T. bug stamping available on lumber as well as products.

EU (European Union) Quality Stamp Certification is used at Atlas Wood Products. EU will refuse imports of any crates, pallets, wooden boxes, or packaging containing any softwood lumber from the U.S., unless the wood comprising the package is marked by an agency appointed by the American Lumber Standard Committee (ALSC), as having been subject to specific heat treatment to be free of pinewood nematode. We are committed to keeping our customers informed of these changes as they occur. We not only want to earn your trust as a valued supplier but we want to be your information center for this important subject that affects us. Given the need to comply with EU regulations, Atlas is an excellent choice for your wood packaging- international or domestic.

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